Friday, December 31, 2010

Wolf Gang

This is a great song...

Back to Back by Wolf Gang

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's the Point of a New Years Resolution?

I carefully thought about this... a New Years Resolution. I mean, what is a New Years Resolution? People say things inane such as:

1) Lose weight
2) Be a better person
3) Go to Church more
4) GAG ME........

I am very sorry but saying that you're going to do something because it is a New Year is stupid. It really is and if you believe that it is otherwise, then I apologize. In reality these so called, "New Years Resolutions" will NEVER take course. Let me explain why....

*If you want to lose weight, you shouldn't WAIT until the New Year to make a promise to yourself that you will lose the weight. If you have a plan BECAUSE you are going on a trip - okay I get it. Other than that.... PHA-LEASE.

*You want to be a better person. What the hell does this mean? You won't be rude to people or mean to people? Possibly you will stop reacting when someone does something retarded and say to yourself, "Everyone is different, it's okay that he/she just hit my car because he/she was on their cell phone while driving." PLEASE... give me a break. You know damn well you want to say, "Stupid bitch! Are you retarded or something?" Being a better person has to wait until January 1st? COME ON laughing my fuq'n ass off here. Why can't you try to do this all year long? NEXT!

*You are going to go to Church more. Okay, this I understand - a little. I'm not a big Church/Temple goer myself, maybe once a month or every other month, just because my Temple (I'm Buddhist) is an hour away and it is a pain to drive there. BUT you know you will go until like March and then it gets old. If you're not an older woman and not completely religious, you ain't going to Church more than you have to. You know I'm right.... you know it.

SO... what's my New Years Resolution? To have smaller pores on my face. There you go. Something doable and simple. Maybe try not to curse like a sailor so much.... NAH. Who am I trying to please here? I curse... So What Who Cares?!





Monday, December 20, 2010

Lack of Etiquette


It's rainy, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..... and I forgot the rest.

Man it is pouring in Not-S0-Sunny-California... it has been this way for about 3 days. But we really need it!

So--- what's new? I had my long awaited graduation/birthday/holiday party on December 18th at my house. It was great, a lot of family showed up, my high school friends, and my college friends came to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I planned this party for about 6 months prior when I received word that I was going to graduate in the Fall. Decorations looked fantastic, the food was catered [Thai food yum!], created a beautiful environment for everyone in attendance. My friend Teresa flew in from Reno, Nevada and spent 3 days with me which really made my weekend. We ate, drank, ate again, drank again, drank, drank, ate a third time, cake, drank, and passed out finally. Good Times!

CSUSB Alumni - these were a few guests that came through.... I love my ladies

I am bitter about the RSVP guests that claimed they were going to be in attendance and failed to do so. The purpose of RSVP is to ensure the host has enough food and drink for their guests or to make sure the host does not spend a lot of unnecessary money if people are not coming. Basically - I know a lot of flakes. Whatever the case may be, whatever happened to you on that day - there was still ample amount of time to cancel a day or two prior to the event. It's called COMMON COURTESY. Say it with me slowly people:

Common Courtesy

People lack the ability to know how to communicate or have a conscious. I constantly sent out reminders and the, "Hey are you coming? Let me know EITHER WAY" messages. I call these people: FLAKES. What do you do with flakes? Dust them off. I hate flaky people, I hate dandruff, I hate flaky crust, I hate FLAKES period. Moving on...The party was splendid actually - good friends, good times.... loud laughter, loud all together. So, thank you for those that came and celebrated with me. Much Love!

However, parties are a no go for me anymore. I refuse, it is a lot of work, money, time, and it's frustrating. Maybe a bbq but that's it. When I graduate from CSUF with my Masters I am not having a party, I am leaving the country for like a month and living la vida loca.

Lastly, I am a writer... good things a coming. Good things are a coming. Stay tuned!

Note: My new Leopard Spirit Hood from my Best Friend Romadocious. I LOVE it! However, I am still the Smart Red Fox....


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebratory News from Southern California

Hey folks!

I graduated on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. at California State University of San Bernardino. It was a hell of a long day but well worth it, I deserved the celebration even though I was beat tired with the longing to run out of the gymnasium screaming, "I FREAKING AM DONE!"

I look back at the time I spent at CSUSB and it was tedious, really it was. I began the journey working full time hours as an office manager for a private investigator and ended my last year at CSUSB without any job at all and focusing all my energy at my school work. It really paid off and I am lucky that I had the opportunity to not work and go to school. College is a full time job, it really is. Especially taking a full load! Trust me when I say, I did not have a life. My life revolved around studying, writing papers, research, and complaining about the work load. I will say that I worked my ass off for this degree, I was able to pull off 90 units in less than 2 years, which is insane!

What's next? Graduate school... I want an MA in History/Museum Studies and damn it, I am going to get it!

Possibly I may apply to UCR for their Phd program in History, which may be my best bet, seeing how I want to wear a fur pelt over my shoulder and announce the graduating class with an extreme English accent .... THE MASTERS..........

I love school. I love to learn. I love to write. I love to be a part of the collegiate process. CHEERS... on to the next!