Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Words from the RF

I've tried blogging a few times, but I never really had the umph to continue them. Today, I thought, why not? I want to do phrase or word associations to every topic. Please feel free to add your own input.

California's Education System - Laughable, cut teachers, cut costs, cut books, have you seen our population growth? Kids don't even know what the 4th of July is, who the first 5 Presidents are, they can't even spell or read. REALLY? LAME!!!

Reality Television - OVER KILL

Wal-Mart - Cheap but trashy

Target - Less trash, more cash out of your pocket, good products

Apple - World will submit to Apple soon, get ready

PC - A peon compared to Apple

Governor Schwarzenegger - WHY

Gasoline Prices - OUCH

Education - Need it to achieve any kind of success in this world

Michael Kors - Fabulous

Tattoos - Overrated and disgusting when people have them all over. EW!

Spirit Hoods - Fantastically delicious, great/fun product

Twilight Series - LOL Overrated

Jacob Black - Underrated - wowza

McDonalds - They put drugs in their food to make people keep going back, I know it.

Men in spandex - OMG That's disgusting times 10

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