Monday, November 15, 2010

What Fur Should Be My Next Venture?

Spirit Hoods is awesome... if you haven't already heard, THEY ARE. Trust ME!

I have the Red Fox and I love it so much, it has been a great asset to many adventures that I partake in. Such as getting gasoline, grocery shopping, make up shopping, going to school, walking around my neighborhood, traveling to movie openings with the BFF, dinner outings, you name it the Red Fox has been there. Some people like it, some people criticize it, I really don't care. You either like me or you don't, but you'd better like my Spirit Hood. This thing was expensive! LOL

So Black Friday is coming quick! Spirit Hoods is doing a really special deal for their subscribers! Well, I am one of them, I cannot wait to see what it is! I am hoping it is a huge sale on the next hood that I want.... Thing is, I can't figure out which one to get. It's frustrating.

I like the Black Wolf,... as so............

I also like the Leopard,... as so................

But I really like the Red Wolf,... seeing Chase Hamilton in the Red Wolf hood makes me want to buy it more and more. Look at him, crazy, confident, furry, and he growls. Yumified!

HELP! WHICH ONE?!!!!!! It's a sad situation when you simply cannot choose. I need input, feedback, if you personally know me just email me or text me. I would like to know though, since Chase is on the Spirit Hoods site for the Red Fox and I call myself the Red Fox,... who fits the bill more? Him or me? I think he does... DAMMIT! This concludes that I need a different hood, he stole my thunder! LOL

Go to their site and subscribe, become a member of the tribe, BUY BUY BUY! Funk Hot Topic and their whack ass wannabee's! Have you seen those? REALLY? Wankers.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fast Forward....

I hate it when people ask, "So,... what's your story?" It's kind of like asking, "What kind of problems do you have?" To which I reply, "Noneya'".

However, I will say that it is interesting to talk to friends or people you don't know and learn about their lives. Half of the time you listen and think to yourself that your life is NOT half bad in comparison. Sadly, I feel this way a lot, which is why I only have a handful of friends that I keep around because their brains actually function. I just cannot get myself to listen to people brag about themselves, talk about their suicidal parents, or sister who is a slore (slut+whore). It's not fun to hear about your past drug addiction, or your online dating scene, or perhaps listen to how you are so cool. First of all, if people have to tell you how cool they are, chances are they are just wannabe's who have this weird fascination that they are cool when in fact they are NOT. I call them, LAME.

In college I have learned that the vast majority of students are these LAME people. I don't give a crap about your coolness, who you slept with, what designer bag you scored on, the men that find you attractive, your personal life that consists of too many kids and not enough condoms. Please reframe from telling me these stories, for I do not care. In fact, I get bothered, not because I am high and mighty, but because you are simply irritating.

Another thing I've noticed at college is the lack of intelligence that attend classes. Is this our future? People that do the bare minimum to pass? People that think there is a warehouse of Pueblo Indians mass producing arrowheads? These people are the future of our country, our communities, teachers to our children? Good God, help me! I am really sorry, but there is not enough of me and my friends to go around... I am deeply sorry, but there is not.

When I graduate I will remember the struggle it took to get me there, but I will also have this haunting feeling that those people I just graduated with are going to go into the world and provide services, be a part of our communities, become teachers, who knows what they are going to do,... but their higher education is frivolous. Yet we let them pass because they have a 2.5 GPA. People, a 2.5 is a C average. Oh brother... leaders of America.

I worry, and so should YOU.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ouch... Down with Tootsie Pops, Down I SAY

Kim: I really want a Tootsie Pop... crapsicles. Is 3 bucks in gas worth a trip to the gasoline station? Ponder-ponder-ponder-----rationalize, cavity, possible flat tire, it's chilly, may catch a cold.... I look like a mass murderer in my all black pajama ensemble and black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses.... but a Tootsie Pop, oh dear.
Sunday at 10:33pm

Dani S: kim, you make me laugh out loud.
Sunday at 11:11pm

Kim: At least you're not laughing in silence...
Sunday at 11:14pm

This was the beginning.... please follow the bouncing ball. I INJURED MYSELF!

Kim: FOUND ONE! AND ITS ORANGE! Ah man, savior! [[sounds of a church choir]] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [[as I hold up my Tootsie Pop to the light]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday at 10:44pm

Kim: I feel clinically insane right now. I've never felt so much love as I do right now for my Tootsie Pop [tear].
Sunday at 10:47pm

Kim: Okay... update on Tootsie fever. I just stabbed myself in my left eye with the damn stick. My eye hurts and it is beginning to swell. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. Pain... tears... laughter. I have blinded myself!
Sunday at 11:01pm

Roma: ‎[looks side to side... inches closer]
::dearest bff, you're a weirdo. Lob! ;]
Sunday at 11:07pm

Kim: Rome... seriously, I injured my damn eye! OMG I can't be shifty. Australia need my eyes to be symmetrically correct. Yes, the country needs me to be normal, NOT cross eyed like all of those beenotches. I'm holding a warm press and liquid is coming out. All while I am studying for my two mid terms.
Sunday at 11:09pm

Roma: ‎::the damned inanimate thing spontaneously attacked you as it did not want you to consume it's orangey goodness. Ha! what's up with craving LadyConn??? hmmmmmmmm?
Sunday at 11:13pm

Dani S: kim, this has got to be the all time funniest series of posts you've ever put on fb. Love you!
Sunday at 11:13pm

Kim: LMFAO.... @Roma, I was eating the damn thing and counting how many chews it took me to get to the dang center. I turned my head quickly with my left hand up, stick in hand and WHAM. UGHHHHHHHHH No cravings.... I love me some Tootsie Pops. Now, I hate them, go figure. Girl you know me and Dan are going to create. Come on now.

@Dani... I look like someone socked me up. I need to wear constant eye protection like a kid on the playground with the elastic head band attached to their glasses. I took my glasses off to read and look what happens.

ALL WHILST LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW.... AND I'M LOOKING OUT OF ONE DAMN EYE. Am I drinking? No, but that's starting to sound appealing.
Sunday at 11:18pm

Kim: ‎6 chews if you wanted to know. Thorry
Sunday at 11:19pm

Roma: ‎?uestion is; was it the right or left eye? if it's the same eye, you're cursed lady. uh-oh. this is all reminscent of tgif with your cousins. "pass!" Ha!
Sunday at 11:24pm

Kim: My LEFT EYE... Just call me Shifty Swifty. Dammit. It's sore. Mae just came in here laughing her ass off. Glad I provide comedy for the young and dumb. Oh man, I'm starting to get a headache. LMAO
Sunday at 11:26pm

Kim: Dear Helios, God of Sight... please let me see again when I awake. LOL
Sunday at 11:36pm

Hark Ye!

What an interesting day I had today. It was full of adventure, "Where is your spirit of adventure?" I ask.... well,.... where is it?

Let me start off by saying that this day would not have been at all possible without the assistance of fellow PHL (Public History Ladies) Dani S. Shall I begin? As you wish, you reply.

Got up super early to study. You see, I had two mid terms today, one I was scared to take because the reading was insane and also I stabbed myself in the left eye with a Tootsie Pop stick a few nights prior and the pain and swelling is still evident. DEEP BREATH,... okay, so I had to wake up and study early. Re-read Victorian era poems and re-read some stories written by Indians of the Spokane tribe. Interested in the rest of my day? It gets better, trust me.

I have to work at the museum in the morning, I planned to study while sitting there greeting visitors and well, that's all I do in the mornings. So, I arrive, the museum staff has silenced me! They are not speaking to me... why you may ask? Did I make someone angry? NO. Did I do something or break something I shouldn't have touched? NO. You see, they asked me to apply for the open position at the museum, I did and they hired the next day they told me to apply. SO,... in guilt they ignore me. Uncomfortable, so I split early to go to my first midterm.

Southwest Indians are interesting... but this midterm was very focused on terminology and knowledge of the population and agriculture shifts of the SW Indians. SO.... I begin. I knock out 6 handwritten pages within 45 minutes. I am the queen of the world!

Next stop, midterm number two is next. I meet Dani and we study, and study, and study. We get our tests and realize, damn we didn't study enough.

45 questions of things I really could not understand. 70% of the questions I understood the rest, blah.

Lunch! We were going to eat Thai food near campus, we arrive. GRADE B.... no thank you mister rat, I pass. We see an Indian restaurant, GRADE B.... we immediately exit due to concerns for our health.

Farmer Boys is safe, right?! We eat there instead. Dani orders an Orange Cream Shake,... yum! However it never gets to us. To which Dani states I am mean because I demanded her shake to be delivered to our damn table. HELLO! She paid for it ya' nitwits. So, the waitress comes back and tries to give her shake to another table. Clearly this waitress has the brain the size of a walnut, she just spoke to us! REALLY???!!!

Get back to campus, knowing we are going to be tardy, I suggest we park in the 30 minute stalls near Campus Parking. There are 7 slots available and I thought that moving the car every 30 minutes was a good idea.

I get an envelope and have to walk it to Social Sciences before 5, I leave really fast. WALK WALK WALK, return to class, Dani takes off. I now need to move the car, I continued the cycle 4 times of moving the car. LAME....

We learned about historic buttons. Oooohhhhhhhhhh interesting, NOT.

Right after class Dani and I go to a lecture on Indian Beads with an Indian Professor from India. We sit down, it's late. We are tired beyond anything. Dude next to Danielle is rubbing his black rubber soles to make his hands black and filthy! But not just one hand but both damn hands. OMG! So gross!

The Indian Professor spoke English, but his accent was so thick neither one of us could understand him. I got some words, but damn. For a moment in time Dani and myself felt as though we spoke Indian. Thank goodness for pictures and print on his PowerPoint. Dear lord.

We leave campus and see a Coyote. Symbolic. We are Coyotes at CSUSB and we spotted one on campus.

I'm done with this day. My head feels like it is going to explode. STRANGE DAY.