Monday, November 15, 2010

What Fur Should Be My Next Venture?

Spirit Hoods is awesome... if you haven't already heard, THEY ARE. Trust ME!

I have the Red Fox and I love it so much, it has been a great asset to many adventures that I partake in. Such as getting gasoline, grocery shopping, make up shopping, going to school, walking around my neighborhood, traveling to movie openings with the BFF, dinner outings, you name it the Red Fox has been there. Some people like it, some people criticize it, I really don't care. You either like me or you don't, but you'd better like my Spirit Hood. This thing was expensive! LOL

So Black Friday is coming quick! Spirit Hoods is doing a really special deal for their subscribers! Well, I am one of them, I cannot wait to see what it is! I am hoping it is a huge sale on the next hood that I want.... Thing is, I can't figure out which one to get. It's frustrating.

I like the Black Wolf,... as so............

I also like the Leopard,... as so................

But I really like the Red Wolf,... seeing Chase Hamilton in the Red Wolf hood makes me want to buy it more and more. Look at him, crazy, confident, furry, and he growls. Yumified!

HELP! WHICH ONE?!!!!!! It's a sad situation when you simply cannot choose. I need input, feedback, if you personally know me just email me or text me. I would like to know though, since Chase is on the Spirit Hoods site for the Red Fox and I call myself the Red Fox,... who fits the bill more? Him or me? I think he does... DAMMIT! This concludes that I need a different hood, he stole my thunder! LOL

Go to their site and subscribe, become a member of the tribe, BUY BUY BUY! Funk Hot Topic and their whack ass wannabee's! Have you seen those? REALLY? Wankers.


  1. I'm trying to pick one as well since I've fallen in love with them. It's so tough they all look really amazing. The wolf one I saw at ModCloth (Howl to Stay Warm) looks like it would go with everything though. They are pricey -.- I'd snap it up at 50$ less. Bear in mind I've never seen it in person maybe that would change my opinion on the price. Do you know if they are sold anywhere in stores in Canada?

  2. Actually I'm visiting San Diego in two weeks. Any idea on where I could buy them in a store in person so I could see them first? XD

  3. Hi, go to their website... and they have store locations there. You can email them too, they are really responsive.

    The sale! You have to go on their site and register for email. It'll be amazing, I KNOW IT!

    They are high quality faux fur and the quality is beautiful. My friend has the grey wolf and she adores hers so much, it's really gorgeous. My red fox is my baby, but I want another one on Black Friday! SALEEEEE