Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ouch... Down with Tootsie Pops, Down I SAY

Kim: I really want a Tootsie Pop... crapsicles. Is 3 bucks in gas worth a trip to the gasoline station? Ponder-ponder-ponder-----rationalize, cavity, possible flat tire, it's chilly, may catch a cold.... I look like a mass murderer in my all black pajama ensemble and black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses.... but a Tootsie Pop, oh dear.
Sunday at 10:33pm

Dani S: kim, you make me laugh out loud.
Sunday at 11:11pm

Kim: At least you're not laughing in silence...
Sunday at 11:14pm

This was the beginning.... please follow the bouncing ball. I INJURED MYSELF!

Kim: FOUND ONE! AND ITS ORANGE! Ah man, savior! [[sounds of a church choir]] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [[as I hold up my Tootsie Pop to the light]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday at 10:44pm

Kim: I feel clinically insane right now. I've never felt so much love as I do right now for my Tootsie Pop [tear].
Sunday at 10:47pm

Kim: Okay... update on Tootsie fever. I just stabbed myself in my left eye with the damn stick. My eye hurts and it is beginning to swell. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. Pain... tears... laughter. I have blinded myself!
Sunday at 11:01pm

Roma: ‎[looks side to side... inches closer]
::dearest bff, you're a weirdo. Lob! ;]
Sunday at 11:07pm

Kim: Rome... seriously, I injured my damn eye! OMG I can't be shifty. Australia need my eyes to be symmetrically correct. Yes, the country needs me to be normal, NOT cross eyed like all of those beenotches. I'm holding a warm press and liquid is coming out. All while I am studying for my two mid terms.
Sunday at 11:09pm

Roma: ‎::the damned inanimate thing spontaneously attacked you as it did not want you to consume it's orangey goodness. Ha! what's up with craving LadyConn??? hmmmmmmmm?
Sunday at 11:13pm

Dani S: kim, this has got to be the all time funniest series of posts you've ever put on fb. Love you!
Sunday at 11:13pm

Kim: LMFAO.... @Roma, I was eating the damn thing and counting how many chews it took me to get to the dang center. I turned my head quickly with my left hand up, stick in hand and WHAM. UGHHHHHHHHH No cravings.... I love me some Tootsie Pops. Now, I hate them, go figure. Girl you know me and Dan are going to create. Come on now.

@Dani... I look like someone socked me up. I need to wear constant eye protection like a kid on the playground with the elastic head band attached to their glasses. I took my glasses off to read and look what happens.

ALL WHILST LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW.... AND I'M LOOKING OUT OF ONE DAMN EYE. Am I drinking? No, but that's starting to sound appealing.
Sunday at 11:18pm

Kim: ‎6 chews if you wanted to know. Thorry
Sunday at 11:19pm

Roma: ‎?uestion is; was it the right or left eye? if it's the same eye, you're cursed lady. uh-oh. this is all reminscent of tgif with your cousins. "pass!" Ha!
Sunday at 11:24pm

Kim: My LEFT EYE... Just call me Shifty Swifty. Dammit. It's sore. Mae just came in here laughing her ass off. Glad I provide comedy for the young and dumb. Oh man, I'm starting to get a headache. LMAO
Sunday at 11:26pm

Kim: Dear Helios, God of Sight... please let me see again when I awake. LOL
Sunday at 11:36pm

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