Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fast Forward....

I hate it when people ask, "So,... what's your story?" It's kind of like asking, "What kind of problems do you have?" To which I reply, "Noneya'".

However, I will say that it is interesting to talk to friends or people you don't know and learn about their lives. Half of the time you listen and think to yourself that your life is NOT half bad in comparison. Sadly, I feel this way a lot, which is why I only have a handful of friends that I keep around because their brains actually function. I just cannot get myself to listen to people brag about themselves, talk about their suicidal parents, or sister who is a slore (slut+whore). It's not fun to hear about your past drug addiction, or your online dating scene, or perhaps listen to how you are so cool. First of all, if people have to tell you how cool they are, chances are they are just wannabe's who have this weird fascination that they are cool when in fact they are NOT. I call them, LAME.

In college I have learned that the vast majority of students are these LAME people. I don't give a crap about your coolness, who you slept with, what designer bag you scored on, the men that find you attractive, your personal life that consists of too many kids and not enough condoms. Please reframe from telling me these stories, for I do not care. In fact, I get bothered, not because I am high and mighty, but because you are simply irritating.

Another thing I've noticed at college is the lack of intelligence that attend classes. Is this our future? People that do the bare minimum to pass? People that think there is a warehouse of Pueblo Indians mass producing arrowheads? These people are the future of our country, our communities, teachers to our children? Good God, help me! I am really sorry, but there is not enough of me and my friends to go around... I am deeply sorry, but there is not.

When I graduate I will remember the struggle it took to get me there, but I will also have this haunting feeling that those people I just graduated with are going to go into the world and provide services, be a part of our communities, become teachers, who knows what they are going to do,... but their higher education is frivolous. Yet we let them pass because they have a 2.5 GPA. People, a 2.5 is a C average. Oh brother... leaders of America.

I worry, and so should YOU.

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