Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebratory News from Southern California

Hey folks!

I graduated on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. at California State University of San Bernardino. It was a hell of a long day but well worth it, I deserved the celebration even though I was beat tired with the longing to run out of the gymnasium screaming, "I FREAKING AM DONE!"

I look back at the time I spent at CSUSB and it was tedious, really it was. I began the journey working full time hours as an office manager for a private investigator and ended my last year at CSUSB without any job at all and focusing all my energy at my school work. It really paid off and I am lucky that I had the opportunity to not work and go to school. College is a full time job, it really is. Especially taking a full load! Trust me when I say, I did not have a life. My life revolved around studying, writing papers, research, and complaining about the work load. I will say that I worked my ass off for this degree, I was able to pull off 90 units in less than 2 years, which is insane!

What's next? Graduate school... I want an MA in History/Museum Studies and damn it, I am going to get it!

Possibly I may apply to UCR for their Phd program in History, which may be my best bet, seeing how I want to wear a fur pelt over my shoulder and announce the graduating class with an extreme English accent .... THE MASTERS..........

I love school. I love to learn. I love to write. I love to be a part of the collegiate process. CHEERS... on to the next!

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