Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Broken Yolk, San Marcos, California

So, my family and I went to this restaurant that we saw on the Travel Challenge... Man vs. Food. This place was pretty packed for being so late in the afternoon and closing at 3 p.m. We wanted to see what the hype was about. According to Adam Richmond from the Travel Chanel, he states that the Iron Man/Woman Challenge Omelet was delicious and worth it.

Well, we went. My son got the Stroganoff Omelet with a blueberry muffin. My daughter ordered the California Omelet with sourdough toast. My lovie ordered the Southwest Omelet with wheat toast and a blueberry muffin. And what the heck did I order? Something that didn't make ANY sense! Fish tacos... LOL! What was I thinking?! Everyone ordered an omelet that was so delicious, trust me I tried all of them before they even had a chance. They were so GOOD! It is not over rated, this place is the best breakfast place I have been to in awhile. However, we did not try the Ironman Challenge Omelet, we should have, it would have been cheaper and filled all of us up. That particular omelet was 12 eggs filled with all kinds of things, topped with chili hash browns and biscuits.

SO,.... try the Broken Yolk Cafe -- if you're in the San Diego area. They are all over the place. YUM!

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