Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hilarious Museum...

October 13, 2010.....

I went to get a Smog Test today for my vehicle. As I was exiting my vehicle I noticed the mattress discount warehouse directly next to me. It caught my attention because of the multiple cardboard cut outs of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and I swore I saw Dean Martin. So I looked closely, it was a mattress discount warehouse/a museum dedicated to the assassination of JFK. So I dropped off my car and walked across the way to see if I could go inside and see what in Sam Hill was this all about. This older, white male was outside of the building with a cart and an army bag ruffling through his things. He speaks to me, "I got a museum inside dedicated to the assassination of JFK, and I got Marilyn Monroe in there, Michael Jackson, Deano, Tony Curtis, Elvis, and Oswald's casket. Go ahead and go inside."

I am now so curious it bothers me that I didn't run inside. What kind of wacko puts a mini museum inside of a mattress warehouse? Well the warehouse was filled with mattresses, there was hardly any leg room. And voila, check out the pictures. I wanted to giggle, but I didn't. He did have old newspaper clippings when JFK was killed and some clippings about Oswald but other than that it was card board cut out city with blown up clippings, real clippings, a fake gun that he claims was the real gun that killed JFK and a fake coffin with Oswald's picture all over it, along with his paperwork for his business. It was a cluster fest and it was creepy. His restroom was aligned with Dean Martin and Michael Jackson. Don't know if I want Michael Jackson looking at me while using the restroom.

While I was taking pictures the man approaches me with a bag full of fake drivers licenses with Elvis, Marilyn, and Michael Jackson's information on it. "$1.00 each, we ordered 35,000 of Michael Jackson's and took them to his arraignment but we were escorted away by the police. Don't know what else to do with them? So, you want 20 for $20.00?" I shook my head no but I did buy Marilyn and Elvis for a dollar each, they were good looking pictures. As I am exiting, I was looking at his newspaper clipping of the JFK assassination and I touched the outside of the clear cover. "Ma'am, that's an artifact, please don't." I replied, "No, this is not an artifact." The man then told me, "Yes it is an artifact." I said I was sorry and exited before he had the chance to shank me. Enjoy the pictures. CREEPY! The Smog Testing people told me that he is crazy and you know, I believe him.

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