Monday, April 18, 2011

Hooray! I am on my way to a city near YOU!

So, blah blah blah I've been a sappy ass. No more.

I'm leaving the country in 2.5 months for a few weeks, it is much needed. You see, I originally cancelled my ticket, which cost me an arm and a leg. I cancelled my ticket because I thought I was going to have a visitor. Turned out I was thinking like an idiot. This person probably had no intention of coming.... to which my statement is true that I am an idiot for believing otherwise. SOOOOOO since I have been pushed aside and forgotten about by many of my friends recently (hey guys not very nice.... tisk tisk) I re-purchased my ticket and I will be departing soon!

A lovely person has opened their home to me and I will be staying with this person the entire time, unless I irritate them and then I'll probably have to leave. LOL... At any rate, I am beyond happy and excited. Can't ya' tell?!

Well - I'm down to my last phase of weight loss and I look good. Tone up and tighten up, that's all I have to do. This last month I lost more than expected, which is GREAT. I'll post some pictures in my new dresses and heels soon. Until then... here are some new pictures of me and I LOVE my friend Jamie's post... being called a badass makes me feel all gushy inside. LOL


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