Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gin or Juice?

A differing of flavors. One with alcohol, one without. A fruit sensation, a dry disgusting taste of fuel. Ah yes, as Snoop would say, "Sipping on Gin and Juice, laid back..."

I bring this up today for various reasons, mainly because I heard the song and gagged when I heard of the pairing of such liquids. You can say that anything tastes good with juice but I beg to differ.

I love a good liquor, trust me. I am in love with the Purple Hooter and the occasional martini, oh and a good wine, also a delicious champagne or Spumante.

But Gin and Juice? Gross. How can I lay back? Is this Ghetto Water? It's just not right.

Snoop Dog, think about it. And if you're a fan, please re-think the yuck factor of this concoction.


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