Monday, August 2, 2010

You Need a Spirit Hood TOO!

Hey there!

So, Spirit Hoods... what are they? Why, who, what, when, where, and how?

My best friend, Roma introduced me to the wonderfulness (Is that even a word? Whatever, I'm using it.) that is a Spirit Hood. She told me about this company during the winter season of 2009, Roma was browsing a catalogue I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) and saw these amazingly dynamic articles of warmness (again with the NESS, sorry) that she so wanted to wear on her head while snow boarding. I was curious as she told me she got the Wolf in honor of the beautiful Jacob Black (you know because Tay Tay is gorgeous, don't lie, he's a yummy wolf). Wolf Pack as she disclosed. Wolf Pack? But I'm a vampire dash it all! I decided to change teams (don't be mad Eddie, it was only a fling).

She told me where to look and I did. And boy was I interested like a kid staring at an ice cream truck salivating over the different flavors of sugar and cream. However, I was not SOLD yet. I am a creature of habit and I LOVE me some black jaguar or a striped bengal tiger, but alas they did not have one yet.

One of the creators, Alexander Mendeluk (actor, model, fashion designer extraordinaire) friend requested me on Facebook - not knowing who the hell he was it dawned on me... I asked multiple questions and he was gracious and replied to me. He informed me of new Sprit Hoods in the making, my heart reactivated and I was alive with anticipation.

And here we are, Red Fox and all! I love it so much, no one is allowed to handle it, only I am.

Here's the skinny, they have so many different animals, it's hard to choose. I have opted to have a Spirit Hood in the glove compartment just in case the party is a downer and you want to spice it up, or if you're in the wilderness and you are afraid to be amongst the wild, slap that bad boy on, even when a cop pulls you over - put the Spirit Hood on and growl a little. The fear will set in and he will go away, or shoot you. Nevertheless these products are wonderful. They come in a full hood or a half hood.


Save the money first, it hurts to shell out $170.00 (that's the highest with tax and shipping people, don't gasp, Jesus) for a full hood. The half hoods are cheaper, ranging from $59-$99, I believe.

Right now is a big sale, $99.00 for about 4 different ones. Here is the website, happy hunting, I mean shopping!

With lots of love,

xxoo the Red Fox

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Place to BUY:


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