Saturday, August 7, 2010

Talking Out of Your A$$.....

When people talk out of their asses do you really think any thought process goes behind it?

I enjoy saying things that are nonsensical. Fragmented. Unrelated to anything that the conversation is entailing.

Does it smell when you talk out of your ass? Metaphorically it should not, but quite literally it should. Or vice verse… LOL

So, I ask of you all, do you talk out of your ass? And if so, I want to hear the things that have came out of such region. Here is an example:

Conversationalists: “Yeah, that really is a bummer about BP and that oil spill. Now gas prices are going to escalate. I can’t afford to spend more money on gasoline - I may have to walk to work or take the bus.”

RF (me): “Hey does anyone know if potatoes with chili and sour cream are any good?”

Room Atmosphere: **Crickets**

Has this happened to you? I mean, there are other forms of a$$ talking but let's not get into all that.

So, I guess think before you speak. Or at least try.


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