Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Day Darlings...

Good Evening or Good Morning whatever time of the day it is where you beautiful people live. I've had so much to discuss but my brain was turned off these past few weeks, my apologies...

First up:

BANANAS... I used to loathe bananas. They were gross to look at, has this weird consistency like mushy mashed potatoes. UNTIL I ate an organic banana. WOAH this was an amazing experience, one in which I eat two a day. Forget an apple a day, which I do, but I will eat two bananas during the course of the day. For the potassium and because they are so damn tasty. Holla it out loud with me:::: Banana! Big ups to bananas.

Next, I would really like to discuss Stella and Apple Cider...

WOWZA... this drink concoction that I accidentally stumbled upon is outstanding! It's like a fizzy, apple-like, beer that packs a punch after three. Well at least it does to me, I'm a light weight. Think about frothy, fruity, a little bitter,... MMMM MMM MM! That's right, it's so good.

The classic movie, Nacho Libre. One word: FANTASTIC. Moving on.

Gun Laws in Arizona... are we serious?! I just read an article that the Los Angeles Times put up today (Jan 22, 2011). It states that Arizona's gun laws are the most lenient within the United States. As long as you are 18 years old you can purchase a rifle or a shotgun. But wait! You have to be 21 in order to purchase a handgun. WOAH?! How stupid is this nonsense?! Legislation passed some bullshit to where guns are permitted just about anywhere in Arizona. Gee, that is so safe. I really want to be around a bar with a bunch of drunk people carrying guns. And get this, you do not need a permit. Arizona could be the best place for ex-cons, psychos, and murderers. Wait, there is more, guns are allowed at schools! Take the bullets out though, but hey why not bring a gun to school! Show and tell. Come around the classroom kids... woops, didn't know that last bullet was in the chamber, sorry Sally.

I understand "The right to bear arms" as it states in our country's constitution and Arizona's state constitution. This isn't Tombstone folks! I don't know, I guess I'm just paranoid from watching movies like Boys in the Hood or specials on Crips and Bloods. People carry their guns to the bank in the morning, coffee at Starbucks, concerts, school soccer games, I mean I would feel a little unsafe. Check it out... it kind of set me back a little, like, WHAT!

I start Grad School this coming Monday... wish me luck!



(((Went to the San Diego Zoo with my best friend Roma and her boys, we had a great time)))

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