Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I sit here sipping on Archer Farms Organic Green Tea, which is a Target brand... I had this sudden urge to jump on my blog.

In my email last night I received a link to the Balkan Heritage Field School. I wondered, why a field school? My major is not archaeology or anthropology. However there is a field school in Bulgaria that offers hands on training for 13 days this summer that is complementary to my major as a History student! To restore and create educational assistance with 3 Roman murals that are thousands of years old! 24 students are allowed to come on this wonderful journey and I have sent in my paperwork! I simply cannot wait to join this team of students and be able to TOUCH a Roman mural. It is a dream that a lot of students in this field have, to be able to go into the world and visit ancient sites. To be able to take part in the preservation and restoration will not only be vital in my future career but it is a DREAM!

Directly after Bulgaria I will be on a plane to Australia! Talk about a worldwide summer vacation! This is extraordinary...

Side note,... my boyfriend of a million years, because that's what it feels like --- is an asshole. How many times do I have to hear that everything is my fault because I did not listen to him? I'm sorry, when did you become the Holy Grail of Truth? Do people come to you for advice? Last I checked you claimed you don't like anyone and no one likes you... so why the hell should I listen to what spews out of your mouth? Being blamed for things that I cannot control is like poking me in the back so many times with a stick. I am going to eventually snap and attack you. Constantly calling me a bitch and adding a very derogatory adjective in front of it that rhymes with ducking makes me a little pissed off. Being hung up on all the time because you are finished speaking to me is kind of like stepping on my toes in flip flops, I am now aggravated and upset.

We should seriously consider canceling this lovely relationship and shake hands. Because in all honesty this is not how I am supposed to be treated. RANT OVER



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