Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There is a History in All Men's Lives - William Shakespeare

So my first week has been completed at grad school. I will say that my brain is deactivating already. Each course I am taking requires so much of my brain that I am not sure that I can equally disperse it. The first course requires me to read 12 books and then write papers for each reading and compose a chapter in my professors book that he is publishing in the Fall of this year. No pressure - right? The next course I stumbled into... I thought I was going to learn how to edit historical publications in general for museums, journals, publications, etc. Well, the class does teach the fundamentals but I am now an editor of the college's award winning history journal. With deadlines each week, oh and I was told that they have won every year for 24 years and want to take another victory this year to make it 25. No pressure - right? The last course I am taking was supposed to teach the fundamentals of public history, how the public views exhibits, etc... now I am helping with the exhibition of a museum that is to open the second week of April. Not only will we create the exhibit but we will be featured in multiple publications throughout the OC. No pressure - right?

I had no idea that graduate school was basically volunteer work. In essence it is, although I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious college and be a part of a publication, journal, and museum exhibit. I am just overwhelmed by the amount of work that lies ahead of me and the fact that I will quite possibly be THIS busy for the remainder of the year gives me anxiety attacks. I have a 2 1/2 month break in the summer and I intend to use it to the max! I AM going to Macedonia first, I was informed that funding is available for graduate students for RESEARCH and dammit it is research! LOL! Then I will fly to Australia... as soon as I come home I will be back in school. Back in action!

I'm tired, but I must continue to read. Shhhhhhhh... someone please tell me why I want a Masters Degree?



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