Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hyena Me BABY!

I always vote for the underdogs... don't you? The underdogs are missing from the Tribe at Spirit Hoods. In the Spirit Hood world there are leopards, wolves, lions, bears, cousin of wolves, even a night hawk (who is by the way no way an under dog), and other large mammals. These animals already have established themselves in the whole scheme of the Spirit Hood and animal world. They are praised, "Oh how cute" or "Oh how robust that big guy is" or "Wow what an ANIMAL"...

I feel, as does my best friend that in order to create a more balanced operation the Tribe is in need of something more than an overzealous animal who knows that their shit don't stink. The Tribe needs a Spirit Animal that has some insecurities, that is silly, crazy, even wilder than their counterparts.

The Tribe NEEDS the HYENA!

Now, I've posted on Spirit Hoods Facebook page and have some responses but it was not enough to get the creators, the men of Spirit Hoods, the el jefa's to really respond and be in agreement with the one's that think the Hyena is a good idea. Click here ... like the page, love the product, and vote YES for the Hyena! Come on... Phaleaseeeeeeee

Here's a scenario, put yourself in this situation and your best friend, or a friend, a sister, your brother, your mom, your sibling, whoever:::::

This signifies me and my best friend, Roma to a capital T!!! We crack up all the time, we are insane, well... she says I am crazy, but I concur that she is on the crazy path too.

The Hyena is perfect for the ever growing Tribe.



Faux Hawks:::

The possibilities are endless, these will be epic and you all know this.


So let's hear it... who here reading this would LOVE to have a Hyena Spirit Hood? I know I freaking do. In fact I would want a couple, one for me and one for my fantastic best friend.

I, The Smart Red Fox, hereby vote AYE for the production of the Hyena. Underdog... I say NAY! We will create a pack that will be insane compared to the proud and mighty wolf pack. We laugh, we don't howl. Ha Ha! We laugh in the face of danger.


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